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March GLOSSYBOX....because it's May

Hello Lovely People,

I really do apologise for the delay in posting my Harrods GLOSSYBOX reviews, I find that it takes me quite a while to get around to actually *using* the products. It has also been a slightly crazy few months, and am only just catching my breath.

I ended up ordering two Harrods boxes (long story) and have to say that I was quite happy with both of them. There was a nice mix of skincare and make-up, and enough anti-ageing products to appeal to my current obsession with those little lines that I have under my eyes (acquired from doing risky things like blinking and sleeping).

This box received a pretty hefty amount of criticism, probably as a result of the huge amount of hype that it received from GLOSSYBOX. The main complaint being that it contained too many samples people could pick up for free from department stores. Personally, I go to Debenhams, John Lewis and Selfridges on a fairly regular basis and have been offered a free sample once (a tiny, albeit nice, vial of perfume) otherwise to get freebies I've usually had to spend upwards of £40 on products. I have to confess that I have never been to Harrods beauty hall (I'm too afraid they'll turn me away for wearing the wrong shoes, "but they're suede heels!" I see myself crying, "Yes...but they're Primark" I imagine a sneering doorman will reply). I highly doubt however that they hand away samples as if there's no tomorrow, possibly the odd perfume vial or mascara sample (I did feel sorry for the people who got the minuscule mascara in this box).

The second criticism about this box and most GLOSSYBOXES is that they are unfairly unbalanced and vary too much in content. In the Harrods box, the most lusted after item seemed to be the Burberry lipstick. I feel for GLOSSYBOX on this issue, with so many subscribers it would be extremely hard for them to secure enough products from brands to make all boxes the same. But still, I have to confess, I'm as guilty as most people of box envy. On the plus side, even very popular Bloggers seem to receive a mix of products and it does feel like pure luck as to who gets the 'best' boxes.

Anyway, enough rambling...on with the review of the March GLOSSYBOX (Harrods Edition)

1) Narciso Rodriguez- For her Eau De Parfum (tiny tiny little vial)

This was ok, it smelt nice. This was floral and not particularly memorable. I liked the fact that it was a spray vial, but this was a small little sample and quite stingy. The plastic packaging wasn't very inspiring, which is a shame as the full size bottle looks very pretty. I don't object to perfume samples in beauty boxes, I'd love it if I found my perfect scent! I just don't find them hugely exciting. 2/5 (1 point for the spray top, and 1 for the pretty smell)

2) Molton Brown- Heavenly Ginger Lily Moisture Bath & Shower

This was a lovely product, and at 50ml an ideal size for travelling. I really like the sweet floral smell, it reminds me of posh countryside hotels. Whilst the full size product is beyond my current student budget, this was a fantastic little sample that I've really enjoyed. 4/5 (1 point for decent size, 1 for nice packaging, 1 for the scent and 1 for the fact I found it relaxing)

3) YSL- Forever Youth Liberator Serum

I'll add to this review once I finish with the sample and can see if it makes a real difference. I was happy to see this, I *really* want to try out expensive skincare so that I can make an informed choice about whether or not I should purchase. I was also impressed by the sleek packaging for a little ml sample. 4/5 (1 point for the packaging, 1 for the sample size, 1 for being a high end product and 1 for appearing effective so far)

4) Burberry Beauty- Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood No 4

I loved this, it looked adorable. The mini packaging was really cute. I really like the colour, I was lucky with this and it suits my colouring. I will purchase the full size of this at some point in the future. The only bad thing about this sample is that it's so tiny! I wish the Harrods discount in the box had lasted a bit longer, and I'd used it to buy the full size product. 4/5 (1 point for the lovely packaging, 1 for the colour choice, 1 for the high quality and 1 for the pigmentation)

5) Clarins- Extra- Firming Body Cream

This didn't wow me. It's okay, it's a moisturiser. I'll use it up eventually, probably on my arms. Unless I see a noticeable change, I can't see me actively parting with money to acquire more. Still it's a good size sample, which is nice. 3/5 (1 point for the sample size, 1 for the moisturising job and 1 for the reputation of the brand)

So that's it for the first of my two March Harrods box reviews. I'd say this box was pretty good, not my favourite beauty box, but certainly not bad. The lipstick and the showergel were the stand out products for me, with the tiny perfume as the let down. That *did* feel like the type of sample you could pick up for free.

I thought the packaging of the box, with the green Harrods ribbon was lovely. GLOSSYBOX seems spot on with their presentation.

Overall this box scored 17/25, not a bad score!

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