Thursday, 3 May 2012

March Glossybox Review (Part 2)

Here's the review of my second March GLOSSYBOX. I think this was *slightly* less exciting than the first, but I was equally (if not more) happy with it.

1)  Versace- Vanitas Versace Eau De Parfum

This is a very attractive little sample (4.5 ml). Perfume samples like this I think *do* have a place in beauty boxes, and they look nice on the dressing table. This smells lovely and rich and I'll absolutely use it up. It's more of a musky scent than floral and quite 'grown up' but, I really like it. 4/5 (1 point for the scent, 1 for the amount of perfume, 1 for the pretty vial and (because I'm shallow) 1 for the cute gold box.

2) Bliss- Blood Orange And White Pepper Body Butter

Well, it's a moisturiser, and it is moisturising. This is a generous 50ml sample and it smells good. To be honest, there isn't much more to say. It isn't terribly exciting, but I was happy with it. I can't honestly say I'd pay for more though. I am happy that it is paraben free though. 4/5 (1 point for the smell, 1 for doing what it says on the label, 1 for being paraben free and 1 for the sample size).

3) Revive- Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30

This little pot of cream (the sample was 7ml) is extremely expensive and not something I'll be buying any time soon. I was still happy with this sample though, it's a good size and I hope it will do impressive things. I'm waiting to use up my YSL serum before I try this, but will let you know if it seems good! 3/5 (1 point for sample size, 1 point for being high end and 1 for being a good sample considering the cost)

4) Leighton Denny- High Performance Nail Colour

I like subtle nail polish, so this colour was ideal for me. It didn't chip easily, it looks nice and it's a good sample size (4.6ml). I often don't finish pots of nail polish before they go gunky, so little ones are ideal for me. I was really happy with this, tis lovely. 4/5 (1 point for the colour, 1 for not chipping, 1 for the sample size and 1 for the overall quality).

5) Clarins- Extra- Firming Body Cream

Oh goodie, more Clarins. Ummmm what can I say, it's still not very exciting, time hath not added to it's interest levels. The fact I now have two samples of the stuff doesn't really add to it's appeal. Oh well. 3/5 (as above)

So overall this box scored 18/25 one point more than my other Harrods GLOSSYBOX. Really not bad for £10!

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