Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Helen E Lip Crayon Review (Nectar)

Helen E recently offered a free Lip Crayon to their Twitter and Facebook fans, having tried and liked their eyeliners, I was keen to give this a go.

I chose the colour Nectar, mostly because I like the name, but also because it is a really lovely dark pink. I'm pale, so usually prefer dark pinks over reds. Having never tried a lip crayon before (I'm very much a lipstick girl) I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

Apologies for the terrible photo, I only had my phone to hand. 
Helen E "Nectar" lip crayon

I was really really impressed with this product, the colour is fantastic, and it has a lovely smooth matte texture on the lips. The crayon is a good size, and the packaging is sleek. It doesn't smudge and is long lasting, but not annoyingly so. I think it makes the lips look bigger, whilst not being as obvious as lipstick. This is definitely a good product to use when creating a natural but sexy daytime look. For the evening, it looks really nice with a bit of vaseline or clear lipgloss slicked on top.

The product is well worth trying, and this is a fantastic offer (you only have to pay for postage and packing) the crayon also came with a product booklet and a £10 off voucher for any purchase over £25. I will certainly be buying another lip crayon, Nectar is a really lovely and attractive product.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

So far I hadn't felt particularly inspired by Spring fashion. I haven't got the colouring for pastel shades or tropical prints, and it's far too cold (in my mind) to wear anything inspired by skimpy sports gear. So I was incredibly happy when the Egyptian inspired trends emerged.

Beyond Retro put some fantastic pieces together in a recent news email, and Topshop Unique's S12 Collection is just amaaaazzing. This trend is also giving me a chance to wear some of the bits & bobs that I picked up in Egypt last year, bonus!

Grabbed the Topshop Unique Cleopatra tee when I was in the Oxford Street store last week, the 1963 Taylor film is probably my all time favourite.

Outfit post to come....

Valentines Instagram Pics

I got a bit carried away with Instagram pics yesterday, oh well!

Wine....and candles
Rose.... and candles

Chocolate, that is all.

Who wouldn't want a cheesy valentines turtle? 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Monday.... Troublesome clothes

Going through my wardrobe today, I realised that a worrying amount of my clothes were 'whim' purchases that I had no real idea how to wear. I end up wearing the same things over and over again, despite a full wardrobe arghhhhh.

Well here are some of my more troublesome wardrobe 'gems', any suggestions about how I can wear these?

Leather mini skirt from a Topshop sale, slightly weird inbetweeny length.

Miss Selfridge Dress, needs to be layered as it is very see through.

Vintage crop top.

H&M skirt, no idea what to do with this.

So any suggestions? Can't say any of these items leave me feeling very creative!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Let it Snow// Thrifty Sundays

Quiet, chilled out day owing to the snow. I'm not usually a fan of snow, but when I have nothing else to do it's easier to see it as pretty, even if I have to sleep in three layers of clothing.

Trying to live life on a shoestring at the moment, as all my money is being gobbled up by railfare for graduate job interviews in London. This means a return to cheap pleasures, so for now it's a routine of baking, board games, Ebay and curling up with a good magazine.

This week it's Elle, and the lovely looking March issue came with a free full sized Soap & Glory mascara.  Seem to have acquired a decent amount of freebie makeup recently, so expect a review post soon.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hello, welcome, greetings etc...

Here is a blog about things. Things are likely to include fashion, vintage, baking, crafts and general fluffy misc xx

Check back soon, to catch a glimpse of soon-to-be-appearing things.